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Who are we?

Integrative Inspirations, LLC is a content and collaboration company specializing in integrating mind, body, and spirit. Our collective offers varying levels of skill, experience, and expertise in the areas of travel & adventure, beauty & fashion, artistic expression, spirituality, holistic and alternative health, and mental health. 

Meet Joy

Hi, my name is Joy!


I began Integrative Inspirations in 2022 as part of my own healing journey after having gone through several years in a row of difficult life circumstances that in turn triggered an ongoing battle with chronic health issues. My hope is to use my experiences as well as the experiences of our collaborative community to bring hope and healing to others. 

Writing, traveling, inspiring, and empowering others have been passions of mine since a young age. Throughout my nearly 30 years as a mental health professional and as someone who has also struggled with chronic health and trauma-related issues with an interest in alternative healing and spirituality, I have noticed there is a serious lack of credible information and access to providers and resources. My mission is to build a safe community of collaborative minds so that others who desire these services will be able to easily locate knowledgeable, sensitive, and compassionate healing arts practitioners. 

If this journey interests you, I invite you to subscribe to the website and join the community for information, and updates, and to find your tribe of other like-minded souls trying to find meaning in the madness. Let's grow and heal together!

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