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Energy and Shamanism

"Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics."

Albert Einstein

Contemplate this quote by Albert Einstein...

“Everything is energy…” Energy is the force of existence itself that can generate many "things" on many levels.

“Match your frequency of the reality that you want…” You can manifest what you desire as long as you can realize the vibrational level of energy where your desire rests.

“You can not help but get that reality…” You can achieve your desires. Basically, you can manifest anything without much effort. You are doing so now without your conscious knowledge of it... you are always creating your reality.

This is proven through physics as realized by Mr. Einstein and other scientists and individuals such as mystics, shamans, and philosophers. This is spiritual truth also, that everything is energy vibrating on many levels projecting possibilities that could exist, are existing, and will exist within the present moment - the now. The "now" is the higher energy state of mind where all potential possibilities are simultaneously realized. Releasing lower vibrating energies allows you to raise your energy and consciousness to manifest the greatest things possible beyond your heart’s desire.

Shamans understand what energy is and how to work with energy on all levels, including the subtle levels of the physical, mental, and emotional bodies. Utilizing a healing modality such as Reiki, herbal medicines, channeling Spirit, etc., a shaman can transmute or shift energy to higher vibrations and cleanse stuck or blocked energy to allow stronger life force to flow to support the life functions of an individual, to allow healing, cleansing and a transcending transformation to occur.

Above all, a shaman serves Spirit. Spirit is an eternal and unchanging source of energy and consciousness beyond all that is seemingly here. Many cultures believe that it is present throughout existence as the Life Force within all that exists. Spirit is not matter, it is the primordial ground of existence. It is The Source from which all energy and consciousness arise.

Shamans are called to the "path" and must be discovered to be a natural born shaman, such as myself, by another shaman - their teacher, to be trained, to heal and to acquire pure connections to Mother and Father - the female and male divine energies are The Source - Spirit on a whole. Divine Masculine is consciousness itself. Divine Feminine gives birth to the physical existence of all that is seemingly out there. The connection to Spirit is strengthened through training so that the shaman may channel Spirit to accomplish “Great Works”. Spirit allies - spirit guides and power animals ultimately are met and befriended to assist the shaman in this “Work”.

As a natural-born shaman myself, I am able to channel Spirit. I must raise my energy vibration to meet the highest vibration that I am able to reach while dumping lower consciousness to the point I am barely aware of the physical world. I am then able to provide spiritual healing, and spiritual guidance, along with higher knowledge and wisdom that my clients and students may require.

Shamen deal with the soul, which we are as our true essence, a higher level of energy and consciousness, which is part of Spirit. A shaman performs soul retrievals, soul healings, and entity detachments to bring balance and wholeness and/or free the soul of all the low vibrating energies that may create illness, dis-ease, imbalance, and disconnection from Spirit.

Soul journeying is one method used to aid the individual soul. Using rhythmic drumming to induce a trance-like state is a primary practice that allows a shaman to retrieve information, wisdom, and remedies and perform spiritual healing which the soul and body require. Shamen enter non-ordinary reality, stepping outside of the here and now into the spirit world in supra-normal levels of energy and consciousness. The more the shaman’s ego is moved out of the way the more powerful the journey, as extremely high vibrating energy is channeled which facilitates the spiritual experience for the client. Individuals are taken to higher dimensions so that they may experience Spirit in their way. Messages are received by them or by the shaman to discover their power and totem animals; some of their past lives; their purpose and lessons in life and, at times, the ultimate connection to Spirit is realized by the client. Also, messages from those who have departed from this life may be received.

Most shamen are spiritual guides and offer guidance to clients through energy readings to acknowledge the past, present, and future of a client and also through remote viewing - the capability to see what is going on elsewhere in the now. I often use tarot cards or a trance state to gain wisdom and information from Spirit along with remote viewing.

I am also a spiritual teacher. Not all shamans have students. I teach students about: Spirit/God Consciousness/I Am; other dimensions; chakras; the astral body; how to obtain higher wisdom; and to connect with Spirit etc. Also, I help them to develop spiritual abilities and how to work with them. I teach students Shamanic and healing arts and attune them to be Reiki healers - Reiki is a form of energy healing.

In general, I teach a variety of meditation techniques to clear mental, emotional, and physical repressed energies to transcend the mundane world. Also, I aid clients and students to develop mindfulness skills and self-awareness through a variety of meditations. Meditation is a great complement to cognitive behavior therapy, which I also offer, to clear negative energy patterns and habits and mental stories filled with catastrophizing and damaging beliefs which create an unhealthy, false version of the self - negative ego conditioning and a life filled with unsatisfied desires, fear-filled aversions, and untrue delusions.

The benefits of shamanic work and energy healing are obvious. A shaman understands that his connection to Spirit allows him to acquire the energy vibration necessary to manifest what is intended personally and for others to heal, transform and transcend.

On an individual level, the benefit of raising your vibration is multi-fold:

- You feel calm and confident and have a more joyful outlook on life.

- You are naturally drawn to experiences and individuals that bring you the benefits of lessons and blessings to further your growth, healing, and transformation.

- You easily face and deal with your personal trauma, conditioned self, shame, etc.

- You feel more energized, vital, and alive.

- You are healthier and stable physically, mentally, and emotionally - could look more youthful if older.

- You may find clarity, peace, and higher love within - The Higher Self.

Basically, to raise your vibration you must be aware of your thoughts and emotions to recognize when you are in a low vibration to do the work necessary to shift yourself into a high-vibrating emotional and mental state (such as joy, gratitude, or love). This can be done through meditation, alternative healing modalities, cognitive therapies, working with a shaman, and others who may help you. There are so many ways to accomplish this, but along the way, a spiritual teacher may be needed as you enter the path to Spirit as it is uncharted and one could become horribly lost.

All who do their healing and spiritual work will not only realize personal healthy balance and become empowered, but also possibly connect with Spirit and strengthen and develop the connection exponentially. Perhaps powers to manifest higher intentions to make a difference for All; to utilize higher abilities such as: mediumship; healing attributes; and to guide others to a better self and better life, in turn making a difference in the world, could be realized. True wisdom and joy, along with acceptance, can be known which may unfold an extremely high energy vibration of “heaven on Earth” which is within all souls.

This post was written by Orecia (Iris) Terner. Orecia is a natural-born shaman who was discovered and trained by an indigenous shaman on the Pacific West Coast in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada where she lives. Her shamanic “great works” include soul journeys, soul retrievals, energy readings, and training healers and shamans. Orecia has been working for the last 25 years with students and clients around the world also as a Cognitive Behavior Therapist, and Reiki practitioner/teacher (energy healing), along with her work as a shaman/spiritual teacher teaching different types of meditation, healing, and guiding others and so much more. She is a co-author of two self-help/spiritual books written under the name of Iris Terner along with one of her students, Daniel Olexa, a Life Skill Coach, and Hypnotherapist. You can contact Orecia "Iris" Terner at:, follow her on Facebook, or view her directory profile and request an appointment with her by clicking the link below:

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