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Goals and “The Flow”

“To make the right choices in life, you have to get in touch with your soul. To do this, you need to experience solitude, which most people are afraid of, because in the silence you hear the truth and know the solutions.”

- Deepak Chopra

Let us be honest, most people often do not achieve their goals. It is the old conditioned, limiting beliefs that cause the issues and block progress forward if and when you do try to achieve a goal. One must go inside to deal with them to find clarification and solutions needed to actively achieve results and discover The Flow, which is the universal abundance available to everyone.

Research shows people do not realize their goals for many reasons, such as:

1. Fear of success and/or failure.

Why would anyone fear success? Success is an unknown experience. Some find they often fail, therefore they unconsciously expect to. Therefore, they can not overcome their fears of the unknown and venture towards those astonishing possibilities that could be manifested. Failure is something no one wishes to experience. It boils down to the subconscious beliefs that work against attaining their goals. Self-confidence is important to develop by releasing those old beliefs and feelings supporting unworthiness.

2. Unrealistic views about achieving goals.

Many people mistakenly believe that goal setting simply means writing down a goal on paper, setting a date for completion, and marking off checkpoints as they occur. Such a mentality hinders people from success because achieving a goal is a process such as doing your “groundwork”; making a daily effort to network, completing things that must be done, adjusting to the challenges that arise, and managing your thoughts and emotions about the process and so much more. Setting a goal is really about changing yourself and your life for the long term. You must continue to support the goal as it unfolds and fine-tune things and yourself to keep the goal dynamic and lucrative.

3. Lack of commitment to the goal.

Some do not have enough faith in themselves. Few can commit wholeheartedly to anything, but one can at least commit to trying and doing their best. There are many internal blocks that may get in the way of bringing your best forward.

4. Analysis paralysis.

Many people let questions and doubts stop them. They believe they cannot start working towards a goal until they have all the answers to every “what if” scenario which may be possible. This is impossible to do. This is fear of the unknown at work.

5. Failing to plan.

While many people understand the formula of goal setting, they do not have a plan for goal attainment that is based on their capabilities, talents, knowledge, and experience base. In other words, they neglect the gifts they possess which can help them attain their goal. As well, they fail to utilize the people they know who may be able to help them. Bringing together who and what is needed to achieve your goal while understanding what you are capable of is crucial.

6. Having too many goals.

One at a time is best. There will be a lot of ground to cover to achieve one goal. Otherwise, you are setting yourself up for failure. This is the energy of over-excitement that needs to be tamed.

7. Lack of motivation to change.

Why bother? It is a lot of work to change and achieve something. It can be frightening. Who would I become? What would my life be like? What would others think of me? Anxiety kicks in and well, it is over before it begins. We must become detached from these thoughts and write a new self-talk script that is supportive and positive.

What Can We Do?

As I had mentioned, the problem is the old negative programming of beliefs, behaviors, feelings, and the condemning inner dialogue that keeps running in the background. No matter how many goals you set, that old programming will keep preventing you from starting the process to manifest anything regarding your goals.

You must discover who you are at your core. Finding the soul/spiritual perspective will overcome all the limitations of the old, conditioned way of being, doing, and thinking. Through the soul/spiritual perspective, you can find The Flow which holds all that is needed to achieve your goals as they unfold, while dealing with the limitations and unhealthy negative talk of ego conditioning.

The Flow is a spiritual abundance that can be realized by everyone. It is from which all that materializes arises. Higher energy and consciousness are behind It. It cannot be controlled, taken for granted, or abused. It holds all that is needed to achieve your goals. All you have to do is let go of the old conditioning, find the soul/spiritual perspective, and hold gratitude in your heart while accepting what is to be. We often need help to do this, as it is very difficult to overcome this conditioning. Meditation, guidance, therapy, and other healing modalities that help you to release what does not serve you any longer, heal traumatized energy physically, mentally, and emotionally and bring clarity to see a path to follow are needed. Inner guidance can arise and aid in connecting with The Flow.

About the Author

This post was written by Orecia (Iris) Terner. Orecia is a natural-born shaman who was discovered and trained by an indigenous shaman on the Pacific West Coast in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada where she lives. Her shamanic “great works” include soul journeys, soul retrievals, energy readings, and training healers and shamans. Orecia has been working for the last 25 years with students and clients around the world also as a Cognitive Behavior Therapist, and Reiki practitioner/teacher (energy healing), along with her work as a shaman/spiritual teacher teaching different types of meditation, healing, and guiding others and so much more. She is a co-author of two self-help/spiritual books written under the name of Iris Terner along with one of her students, Daniel Olexa, a Life Skill Coach, and Hypnotherapist. You can contact Orecia "Iris" Terner at:, follow her on Facebook, or view her directory profile and request an appointment with her by clicking the link below:

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