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Just Rest

Updated: Dec 26, 2022

Dear Inspirat,

If you are hurting, rest.

If you are tired, rest.

If you are grieving, rest.

If you feel pulled in too many directions, rest.

If you feel heavy, rest.

If you feel confused, rest.

If you feel lost, rest.

If you feel defeated, rest.

Using distractions and staying busy only works short term and you will end up feeling more tired, more defeated, and you might injure yourself further. You must take rest breaks to renew your energy and gain clarity. It doesn't matter whether the circumstances are physical, emotional, relational, or spiritual. You must take time to rest and recover, especially when wounded or you have over exerted yourself in any of those areas.

Just rest.

It will be okay to rest. The situation will not resolve itself because you rested. It will not be over because you rested. Or maybe it will. Maybe the circumstances will resolve themselves during your rest break. Wouldn't that be grand? One thing is for certain, when you stay busy either striving for resolutions or distracting yourself from the pain, you will likely not notice the resolution or your healing by blinding yourself with busy work.

Just rest.

The circumstances may be waiting for you when you get back from your rest break, but you will feel a renewed sense of energy and clarity to deal with them when your time of rest is over.

Just rest, Inspirat.

Let today be the day

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