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The time of blooming

Updated: Dec 26, 2022

This is the time of blooming, flourishing, and nourishing my soul. I am going through this epic transformation, which has been healing, painful, and eye-opening.

Back in January, my life took a turn, my partner had decided that he needed to end our 3-year relationship and focus on his relationship with himself. This made me ache and fall into a place of despair. I had been living in Alabama to be with him, I had centered my world around him and just like that, I had to re-sort my life and goals, and find a new place to focus and put my energy. That focus became me and bettering myself.

I manifested and prayed to have clarity and to find a calling, that calling so happened to be Arizona. I felt my soul craving to have a transformational change somewhere in the mountainous desert. Now here I am in the present moment, sitting in a coffee shop in a beautiful town surrounded by exactly what desired. I have learned through this process that the energy and thoughts you put into the universe affect you and your life's path. I could have stayed in the despair and sorrow but instead, I decided to rebirth myself. Of course, I stayed in the place of sorrow for the amount of time I needed, after all, it is a part of the process of healing. I also still find myself in sadness and disappear, but I know how to pull myself back up (for the most part). You need to feel the bad to cherish and recognize the good.

I have found myself surrounded by all this positive energy and things feel to be aliening and coming together. It's crazy how the universe works and how it seems to put you where you need to be when you need to be. The other night was one of those times... plans fell through and I stumbled upon some live music in a little cafe I have been enjoying. I happened to take a seat at a table and a gentleman came up and asked to join and I said yes. He happened to be the husband of the lead singer in the band and the father of two of the other members of the band. We started chatting and things were just aligning. Throughout the night I spoke to a lady in the band who happened to teach yoga and do art. I have been searching for yoga and a group of people who share the same holistic views and love of yoga and art and it all came together because I happened to come across that live music that night. Don't doubt the universe or where you are at in your life. For as long as I can remember, I have always had an artistic bone in my body and the desire to share that art whether it be my photography, collages, or paint canvases. After moving to Arizona, I was finally allowed to be in my first art show. This experience was so absolutely incredible for me. I was surrounded by wholesome people who all in a way connected me to more possibilities and collaborations. I got the opportunity not only to share my art with others but to sell it and have them take a one-of-a-kind piece to display in their homes or gift to a friend. A few days later I just so happened to walk into a local crystal store at the very moment a local artist was restocking the art she was selling there and after she left I just so happened to ask if they had any more room for local art... they said yes! So not only did I have my first showing in an art show but I also now sell my pieces in a store. This is just another example of trusting the process of the universe.

The moral of this blog; is to trust in the universe, and the path you are on, and focus on the type of energy you are putting out there. This isn't an easy task and sometimes I still find myself doubting or exuding negative energy and that's okay, we are only human. To help raise your energy try journaling, positive affirmations, exploring the powers of crystals, and taking a moment for yourself to just sit in everything that is happening around you and in your life. Life is a beautiful crazy thing, try not to spend it in despair or negativity.

Much love & positive vibes

- Anna Grace

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